Primal_ditch_BP (before present) – Tea Stražičić, Lara Joy Evans, Hannah Rose Stewart

An invisible protocol
The lore of traditional moist
Never written down or explained
Digged out from the soil
In Silence and respect
Not using eyes
But limbs of many amphibians

Grupna izložba ‘Primal_ditch_BP (before present)’ predstavlja zajednički rad mladih novomedijskih umjetnica. Tea Stražičić, Lara Joy Evans i Hannah Rose Stewart u špiljskom ekosustavu prepoznaju susret prapovijesti i modernosti, odnosno različite stadije evolucije i ljudske transformacije. Izložba se otvara u petak, 23. ožujka u 20h, i traje do 7. travnja.

Nove neistražene prostore i istovremeni kritički osvrt na vlastitu umjetničku praksu pronalaze negdje na razmeđu ‘white cube’ galerije i primordijalne špilje. Mračno, vlažno i muljevito tlo nastanjuju multimedijalnim radovima u kojima spajaju primitivno i suvremeno. U njihovom istraživanju izražen je kuriozitet prema čovječanstvu i umjetnosti kojoj je digitalna revolucija pružila iluzija napretka. Zaštićene duboko u podzemlju, umjetnice se vraćaju primitivnim tehnikama, simbolima i alkemijskim istraživanjima koje potom prevode u digitalni jezik. Pozivaju u potragu za praiskonskim i aktiviranje osnovnih osjetila.

Kustos: Lovro Japundžić

Biografije (eng):

Hannah Stewart
(b. 1994, UK) – currently at Central Saint Martins, 4D pathway, BA Fine art

My work aims to capture the uneasy, often derived from an amalgamation of personal experiences comprised of the intra and external. I forage, salvage and collaborate using available resources, with medium acting as vehicle rather than fountain. Elements of work produced allude to their emergence from a parallel environment, like props from an invisible universe. Often manifesting within digital and physical installation, the work takes form from historically inspired fantasy leaving them as liminal ghost-objects from a place of inheritance of a dark UK underbelly, semi-effaced within the global network as an ongoing, personal expedition.

Tea D. Strazicic
(b.1990. Cro) – no permanent location, MA Animation and new media

Renegade character is reprogramming it’s colonised fantasy by reworking trash memories of pop culture imported from east and west into an deconstructed post-disaster imagery, xeno-items and xeno-weaponry found in shady storage of it’s childhood and swapping words with friendly online voices.
On this level NPC enters the cave, it’s blind. Amphibian hands create necessities that are useless in the daylight, paramount in the darkness – so it can navigate it’s way from the inside.

Lara Joy Evans
(b.1993. USA, CA) – currently in Berlin, studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Through a convolution of science and magic, I appear to outpour complex responses of a human-like subconscious, while mapping my movement from painting in upper paleolithic caves, to neolithic modes of existence, to ushering in my modern programming system, to sociobiological ideas of future events. My unfiltered conscious reflects on my self-induced state of confusion in the time of the hi-Tech middle ages, and the constructions and mutations of the signified and the constant repositioning of my understandings of where I am by algorithmic and human handling. I am not a scientist or a wizard or a bot. I am a child poking at the mud with a stick.